The why and other bits

Photo commissioned by Struthers Watchmakers

Photo commissioned by Struthers Watchmakers

So, I realised that I didn’t explain why I decided to create these images on the last blog post, so here it is.

Nearly three years ago, I developed the idea for this photo of photographing a watch movement in a technical way to make it look as if it has expanded when I used to sell watches that were more expensive than the average ‘everyday’ watch. One of the questions I was asked on a regular basis was ‘why is it so expensive?’.

The answer was sometimes due to the materials (if there was gold included for example) but even if there was a precious material which added to the price, the answer was always because of how intricate and technical the movement was. Unfortunately, with a lot of watches, the movement is hidden from the owner behind a metal case. Sometimes there is a glass back but even in this case, the whole movement can’t be seen.

I wanted to provide an image of the movement in a way that allowed the buyer to see each component, but there was nothing available for me to do so.

The response I have received from these images has been immense. Although I am not exactly sure how to make this grow, apart from doing more, a lot of comments from places I have posted these on have reinforced my ambition to make this something that is accessible to people - either for a education purpose when selling a watch or for an art installation for someone.

I feel that these images have been a massive success and I plan to continue producing more images in a similar style. If anyone reads this and has an old, automatic/manual watch that they no longer want and wish to donate to me so I can do this with it, please do get in touch!